Thursday, May 16, 2013

Bear eats GoPro

Video will begin in 5 seconds.

Eaten by a bear: what it could be like

Video of the inside of a bear's mouth is captured after Brad Josephs, an expedition guide and biologist almost has his GoPro eaten by a grizzly in Alaska.

In the unlikely event you've been wondering what it might be like to be a bear's dentist - or a bear's breakfast, for that matter - some footage has come our way that will leave you with a) no further questions, and b) backing away, nice and slow, before running for your life.

The footage, provided by, was captured during filming of the The Great Bear Stakeout, a documentary about a team of cameramen and ecologists observing grizzly bears for five months in Alaska. As with the many cameras dotted around the bears' habitat, the GoPro camera in question was housed in a ''translucent cover'', though whether that is what made this particular one so very toothsome is a matter for speculation.

Interestingly - sort of - this isn't the first recorded occurrence of a camera-guzzling grizzly.

According to, "in 2011 another cameraman captured brief footage of a bear trying to eat his trail camera. The film is short, and the type of bear is not identified. However, the short clip offers a close-up view of the bear's face as he nibbles on the camera".


Inquisitr added: "While they likely have little or no nutritional value, for some reason bears eat cameras. It may simply be curiosity about an unknown object in their habitat. Whatever the reason, the footage provides a unique and fascinating view of the bears." Yes - and a terrifying sense of what it might be like to be eaten by one.
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